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One of Ministry Health’s objectives is to provide and direct God’s leaders to excellent resources to support them in their ministry.
The following URL’s point to excellent articles which are copyrighted and for which permission has not been granted for reprinting at Ministry Health. The authors and organizations have refused reprint permission for Ministry Health. Take a look, learn, enjoy and grow!
The following articles can be found in “The Lutheran” an electronic journal of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America at
1) “Ten Sources of Congregational Conflict” by Linda Janssen Gjere;
2) “Church Conflict” by David Volz;
3) “Five Images For The Church” by David Miller;
4) “Clergy Killers” by David Miller;
5) “Seven Ways to Discuss Tough Topics” by Craig Nessan; and
6) “Five Signs of Congregational Vitality” by Peter Steinke (Based on excerpts
from his book).
Also published on the internet by “The Lutheran” are the following articles:

7) “Conflict, The Bishop’s Most Demanding Task” by Linda Janssen Gjere”

8) “Goals Lead To A Healthy Church” Selected Responses

9) “Asking The Wrong Question” by David Miller

10) “Counting the Cost Of Change In A Rural Congregation” by David Stevens

Don’t Miss This One!!!
Rick Warren has an outstanding article from “Leadership Magazine On-Line” entitled, “A Comprehensive Church Health Plan.”
Keep Your Faith Strong!
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