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We sat at my kitchen table, our kids played nearby. “You’re the only one I can tell,” she said quietly. And then her story. Grief. Betrayal. Secrets. Quite a remarkable woman. I marveled at her artfully hidden wounds. Courageous. Responsible. Lonely with her burden.But not lonely anymore. She had invited me to glimpse her inner life.

What a privilege!

How do I qualify? Strangely, first because of my husbandjob. A church worker’s wife must surely share his Christian faith and values, she told me. Then she looked me over, to see faith and safety. Because I live in a glass house, she got a good look. What a privilege that my gift of faith blesses her gift of faith. What a privilege to be like Mount Zion for her–someone who trusts God and won’t be shaken. A privilege realized because God chose to use me. A ministry opportunity because I’m married to a church worker.

Lord, you are like Mount Zion! Thank you for being my firm foundation, unshakable and enduring. Strengthen my faith so that my unique position in the church serves and blesses many.

Try This: This week, notice the unique ministry opportunities you have because you are married to a church professional. Ruth N. Koch Note:  This article originally appeared in “Grace Notes,” a book of devotions for women who work in the church and wives of church professionals by Ruth N. Koch. “Grace Notes” is published by Concordia Publishing House. Article reprinted for Ministry Health with permission by the author. It is an excellent uplifting resource especially for women. TF

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