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1. Every evening, resign your ministry and give “your” church to God; every morning respond “Here am I, send me” to God’s calling.

2. Always lead on the basis of Scriptural principle, not on the basis of political expediency.

3. Lead by faith, not sight. Sometimes what you see can mislead you. Sometimes you just have to go by faith alone.

4. When there’s no other way, be willing to pay the price.

5. Let humility be more powerful than pride; let sacrifice be more influential than control; let God do even what you can do for yourself.

6. The greatest pain a leader experiences often comes from those actions which make a real, lasting difference. Make a difference, a real difference, for Christ.

7. Make every conflict an opportunity. After all, God does!

8. Each day consider the type of friends and enemies you’ve made. It’s the best barometer of the character and integrity of your ministry.

9. Every morning, get rid of your vices. Every evening, get rid of your virtues. Every moment, live in the recognition that God’s grace is the only reason God would even think of using you in His Kingdom. 10. Support your brothers and sisters in ministry. When in doubt, support them even more.

11. Focus on genuine personal spiritual growth and renewal daily. That’s what God’s Word and prayer are all about.

12. Make a blackboard or picture on your wall which reads, “Trust Me. I really am in control. Signed, Jesus.” Read it every day. Live it every moment. Thomas F. Fischer

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