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One of the better ways to maintain motivation in ministry is the use of various resources–Scripture (of course), various books, videos, tapes, etc.

Injoy, Inc., an organization founded by John Maxwell, has numerous resources available for ministers. Over the years I have found that his Injoy Life Club is especially helpful.

Whether taking a walk with a walkman, riding in the car with the cassette player, or sitting in your favorite chair in the quiet of your home, listening to these tapes can be one of many good tools to keep you going from day to day.

Here’s a listing of my favorite Maxwell Tapes for pastors during discouraging times:

  • “Solve our Problems, But Save Our Pigs” Vol. 1, No. 10 is a tape describing the type of people who want their cake and want to eat it too. It simply clarifies the dynamics of people who always want more and are never satisfied.
  • “Advantages of Adversity” Vol. 2, No. 2 is Maxwell’s way of making lemonade out of a lemon-type situation. It may help leaders to keep their focus when the heat is on.
  • “Feeding Your Faith, Starving Your Doubts” Vol. 2, No. 6. Maxwell’s understanding of “faith” is not my traditional understanding. Instead, the dichotomy he describes is more of a Robert Schuler/ “Positive Thinking” one. However, the insights are helpful from a practical way to help people move out and actively live their faith.
  • “Your Decision Determines Your Destiny” Vol. 2, No. 8. The message is simply, “If you make a decision (or decide not to make a decision), you have to live with it and pay the price.” Listen to it, then make that important–though painful–decision.
  • “Principles for Handling Problems” Vol. 3, No. 10. I’ve worn this tape out already! It’s a great discussion based on the Jerusalem Council meeting described in Acts 15 which gives step by step Biblical principles and applications of how to approach problem solving. Must listening!
  • “The Battle is Won Before the Battle is Begun” Vol. 3, No. 2 In this tape Maxwell talks to the “troops” before entering into combat. He encourages leaders to look at and evaluate their resources to see if they really have a reasonable chance of winning the battle–or war. A very excellent strategic tape for someone trying to figure out whether to “stick it out” or resign/take a call. It will help you avoid foolish and “blind” decisions.
  • “Reach Out and Touch Someone” Vol. 3, No. 3. This tape reinforces so much of what many authors have said about dealing with antagonists. Maxwell basically–and refreshingly says–they must be loved, etc. and that leaders must take the forgiving initiative as the antagonists never will. It’s not an “easy” tape to listen to if you haven’t done it yet. But what about conflict is??? Listen to it several times next time you must deal with your antagonist!
  • Other personal Maxwell favorites include: “Confrontation: The Thing Nobody Wants To Do” and “Search For Eagles.”
  • “Characteristics of a Giant Killer,” Injoy Life Club series, Vol. 11, No. 9, is an excellent encourager for those feeling weakened by the “Goliaths” in the church. Maxwell demonstrates in his always straight-forward style how even David’s can–and do–conquer the Giants.
  • “Making The Tough Call,” Maximum Impact series, Vol. 3, No. 12, is remarkably fresh, common sense approach to decision making. Effective, healthy ministry is directly related to the capacity to making the tough calls. This tape helps outline some principles necessary to gain the perspective necessary to making the tough decisions..

For further information contact Injoy, Inc. by visiting their Web Site.Tell them Ministry Health sent you!

What a great gift idea for Christmas!

Thomas F. Fischer

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