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1)    Being reminded almost daily that I’m ultimately responsible to God and–more than that–that He has things under control (Lord knows I don’t!).

2)    Being in the presence of children and a preschool–they really remind me of what’s really important in life.

3) Watching little children learn about Jesus. Recently I asked what season of the Church year we’re in and what does it mean, a 4-year-old piped back immediately, without hesitation: “Epiphany. Jesus is the Light of the World!” I told the teacher and students that I’d be content at that moment to die and go to heaven!

4)    Resources like [e.g. Ministry Health] that deal w/issues and concerns without becoming caught up with personalities and politics.

5) I can work all the overtime I want.

6) The ministry is THE MOST rewarding effort I have ever put forth. I worked in industry for 26 years, the last few as Executive V-P of an automotive parts company. I think all pastors should spend a minimum of 5 years in an industrial capacity, AND as an active lay person in a congregation. Then, these young men will know what it is like on the other side of the table. 7) Being in the ministry is THE MOST rewarding thing I have ever done. You could never pile money on a table high enough to get me out of the ministry. God simply opens more wonderful doors than I can ever walk through and HE loves me even though I run out of energy to do all there is to do. Oh, my I could go on and on.

8) “What I Like Best About Being In Ministry”

Dear Brother,

Living a life devoted not only to conforming to Christ myself but helping others by Gods grace to pursue the same,  is an infinite joy to me.  Ministry is used by our Lord to not only minister to those in need,  but also to sanctify those who do the ministering.

The difficulties and hardships in my ministry have been the most blessed times in regards to my sanctification.  It was always the times that presented the greatest challenges that gave me my most memorable moments of communion with God.

I have no doubt that throughout the course of the rest of my life that will continue to be a spiritual reality.  Therefore,  I can cry out with the apostle Paul “I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.”

Yet ministry is not only hardships but also times of immense satisfaction.  I praise God for
them both.                         In Christ, Rev. Tony DiCostanzo

9) My confirmation students frequently ask me what I like best about my “job.”   I usually respond by telling them I like best the fact that I am using my gifts to work directly and fulltime  with people for the growth of God’s Kingdom. But, I also like to quickly add that I also like the wide diversity of the work.  There is so much variety that I never “get bored.”                                               Rev.  John Pohanka

10) I enjoy working for Jesus. Human beings need visual aids regularly and the Pastor is an Ambassador for Christ. I could not have a more understanding, caring and loving “boss.” He sets high expectations for me, but always reminds me that “my yoke is easy and my burden is light.” He is always there in the other side of the yoke, pulling right along with me. And when I fail Him, he reminds me that He, my Judge, is also my Savior and that He came to be my peace and my righteousness.                                   

Rev. Wayne Dobratz

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