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The Rewards of Risk It has been said that everything rises and falls on leadership. Every decision that is made, every action that is taken, every goal that has been set is the product of leadership. And as influencers of others this requires us to make decisions. John Maxwell has written that great decisions are often as much a matter of timing as an event:

The wrong decision at the wrong time = disaster

The wrong decision at the right time = mistake

The right decision at the wrong time = unacceptance

The right decision at the right time = success.

But making decisions can be difficult. It often requires a bit of forecasting balanced by a sense of history. We look for solid footing on which to place a nervous next step. In a time of uncertainty, we look for direction. But leaders must be decisive. Vacillation and procrastination confuse and discourage those around us. And as much as we try to minimize it, decision making carries with it the ramifications of risk. Jack Welch, CEO of General Electric has said,”Risk is stepping outside your comfort zone to a place where you cannot predict with any degree of certainty the outcome of your actions. Risk is taking on something that holds an enormous chance of failure. Most importantly, risk is the only real key to outrageous success.”Matthew 25.14-30 records an interesting parable. In it Christ severely criticizes the servant for burying his master’s money. The servant indicated he was afraid. Christ’s response: “It’s criminal to live cautiously like that!” (v.26, The Message) How often do we live cautiously? And how often do we justify our inertia as being conservative, being prudent or something else when in fact, like the servant in the parable, it is fear. You see, the risk is not for personal gain or gratification but for the glory of the Master. I’m not talking about being foolish, but by stepping out on faith, free from the stranglehold of fear. We will never be able to accomplish great things for God if we don’t first attempt great things for God. Oswald Chambers said “Live reckless for God!” Are you willing to color outside the lines, risk failure or step out of your comfort zone…for the glory of the Master? Don’t be afraid to take risks. Have a “reckless week!” Stay the Course, Greg Morris

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