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A High Tolerance For Frustration

Rev. Greg Morris, Director,
Greg Morris Ministries*

Number 216

Effective leadership demands a host of traits and characteristics. Some elements are developed by experience while others seem to be inborn characteristics. Some leadership fundamentals focus on you the leader while other elements focus on those around you.
Although much of your effectiveness as a leader is based on your management style, there seems to be certain principles that are basic to all effective leadership, whether in the boardroom or the homeroom.
One of these essentials for leadership is to adopt a high tolerance for frustration. How do you respond to unfulfilled promises, unmet expectations or unplanned interruptions? It is essential that we stay calm in the face of trouble so emotion does not diminish your ability to think and act.
I must admit, my frustration tolerance wasn't very great on Saturday afternoon when after the roofers had taken off the old felt paper and shingles the downpour began! The inside of our house looked like a 3 Stooges movie with pots and pans in every room to catch the drips and drops!
"NOW, THAT'S DIFFERENT. I wasn't frustrated, just passionately active!!"
Isn't that typical of our reaction; that is to diminish our personal responsibility? The reality is that your influence and reactions as a leader set the climate for your family, your organization or your church. And this climate contributes to productivity and accomplishments (or the lack thereof). Think about the total effect that you have on those around you, especially as you face frustrating circumstances.
Isaiah 26.3 promises us peace, but with a stipulation. That promise of peace is only ours when our trust is in Him. And the next verse explains that the object of our confidence is likened to a rock, which is exactly why we can trust Him.
As you face frustrations this week, ask yourself "Am I allowing my response to frustration to paralyze my effectiveness as a leader and diminish my witness as a Christian?" Think about it!
Stay the Course,
Greg Morris

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