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Glorious though mocked
Honored though cursed,
I know a Savior
All Hell’s power burst.

Though now I know Him,
He knew me first.
His love came unto me
To quench my heart’s thirst.

In fear or in sorrow,
In loss or in pain,
Whatever may hurt me
Shall not long remain.

He’s there in the good times,
He’s there when its bad,
He’s faithful, I know it–
He makes my heart glad.

Forgiven though sinful,
Free though enslaved,
In Christ I’ve got vict’ry
For which I’m amazed.

He’ll never forsake me
Though I lose my way,
He’s right there beside me,
And is every day.

So whatever happens
I’ll not fret o’er my cares
For Jesus, my Lord
Will always be there.

Thomas F. Fischer

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