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All of us struggle in our pursuit of personal or professional excellence. We attempt to gain an advantage as we exercise leadership in our homes, businesses or ministries. This may include reading the latest book or periodical, attending a seminar or recasting our goals. Despite the fact that we all want to succeed, I would almost guarantee that accountability is a missing link in your leadership plan. Accountability simply means that we are to be answerable in key areas of our life to certain other qualified individuals, i.e. someone who has the courage to ask us the difficult questions and won’t accept a superficial answer. For us to be accountable to someone else requires that we display an honesty and vulnerability that can be painful. It requires us to be genuine, authentic and humble. Solomon observed that “as iron sharpens iron, one man sharpens another.” (Proverbs 27.17) And when Paul wrote to the Philippians he encouraged them to look after the interests of others as well as their own (Phil.2.4). The benefits of accountability are many. Some of these include:Objectivity – If one man calls you a donkey, pay him no mind. If two men call you a donkey, look for hoof prints. If three call you a donkey, get a saddle! Others can see our blind spots. Credibility – a friend can help you maintain your reputation as you uphold your integrity and character. Direction – We all lose focus from time to time. Accountability helps insure your clarity of vision. Boundaries – others can help us determine reasonable and important limits. Without them, temptation becomes even more tempting. Perspective – an additional vantage point is invaluable.If we do not have a structure of accountability, it may be because of a problem of willingness, a strong personality, lack of vulnerability or an element of success. All of these issues, however, ultimately boil down to pride. Arrogance gives us the mistaken opinion that we can do it ourselves without the help of others. Accountability though protects us from ourselves. In this age of fallen heroes and leaders spinning out of control, let’s be willing to take the necessary steps in establishing our accountability in areas such as our relationship with God, family relationships, thought life, and moral and ethical behavior. You’ll be “sharper” because of it! Stay the Course, Greg Morris

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